I have to confess that I’m probably as bad as just about everyone else in the world in that I regularly rely on online reviews to determine whether or not I go ahead with a purchase. My particular area for using them is when we are delving through lists from holiday rental companies and need…

A Google 1 star review for not answering the telephone
Today we had the first review on our company since we moved offices. All our previous reviews have been removed courtesy of a very strange Google requirement that online businesses have a photo of their shop-front showing their company name, but we were very excited to see that someone had been on to Google and…

Has Google Finally Lost the Plot?
Google Ads (formerly known as Ad Words) is one of the key stones to the Google empire we think, with ad revenues generating pretty much most of the income that Google makes as a business. Our company has been with Google Ads for many years, and it has always proved to be a useful source…

How to check if a Solicitor is genuine
There are a number of ways to check whether a solicitor is who they say they are. Firstly, every solicitor in England and Wales has to have a practising certificate if they are dealing with the general public or, if they are working for a company in house or a local authority, they have to… (1 comment)

Received unsolicited this morning.. To vote please click the star ratings above. 1 star is for ‘painfully boring’ and 5 star for ‘actually this is quite interesting’. Sellick Partnership Limited, one of the UK’s leading independent recruitment companies, has sold a majority stake to Samsic, one of Europe’s largest soft service providers, it announced today,… (1 comment)

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Good Morning I’m releasing data today from the One4all ‘Workers on top of their game report’ which has found that 52% of bosses are losing out on increased productivity by not making use of gamified rewards. The full release below explains gamified rewards in more detail, along with the top five benefits of gamified rewards… (1 comment)