Received unsolicited this morning.. To vote please click the star ratings above. 1 star is for ‘painfully boring’ and 5 star for ‘actually this is quite interesting’. Sellick Partnership Limited, one of the UK’s leading independent recruitment companies, has sold a majority stake to Samsic, one of Europe’s largest soft service providers, it announced today,… (0 comment)

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Good Morning I’m releasing data today from the One4all ‘Workers on top of their game report’ which has found that 52% of bosses are losing out on increased productivity by not making use of gamified rewards. The full release below explains gamified rewards in more detail, along with the top five benefits of gamified rewards… (0 comment)

How to know when to settle a court case
For many small businesses it is a bane of their life that at some point they are going to end up in a court defending or claiming against someone for money. The case can be clear cut, it can be flimsy, you may have a counter claim or a large claim, the other person may… (6 comments)

Google My Business – what a farce
We recently moved one of our company office addresses from an address in North London to an address in Central London. We had been at the North London address for about 2 years, and prior to this we had been using another address closer to Central London. We thought it would be fairly straightforward to… (0 comment)

Extreme Marketing 2 – Set up a Blog – The Keith David Guide to Instant Wealth
Set up a blog online. You can visit this successful site at This means that anyone searching for the technique and book can immediately see something online. Technically when we were writing our book on losing weight rapidly, the book was not even half finished when we got to this stage, but there is… (0 comment)

How to secure a deal in business
This article is about the art of compromise and knowing when to agree and when to disagree. It is not written by an expert, but by somebody who regularly fails to make the correct decision or do the right thing. In business it is often said that some work is better than no work at… (0 comment)